"Let us assist you to create your Rose Garden"

When Planting Your Rose:

  • Never break up the root system. 
  • Never fertilize around the root system. Fertilize on the top of the ground after planting
  • Never bury your Rose too deep   Make sure the current soil level of the Rose you are planting remain level with soil in your garden bed
  • Keep as much of the planting medium together as possible
  • Plant your rose firmly in the ground with no side to side movement,
  • Plant your Rose on a raised bed to assist drainage.
  • Water in your Rose well after planting to remove any possible air pockets.
  • Surround your Rose in our special planting medium which your Rose has been growing in since its birth.



Your Rose is planted in a water wise planting medium that minimises the water required. While your Rose remains in its pot it must be watered twice a week. Once planted in your garden, weekly is fine making sure you do not over water and making sure that any excess water can seep away.

When watering try to bottom water (e.g dripline/soaker hose) to minimise watering the foliage of your Rose. This will reduce Fungicides from occuring  

Where possible cover your garden beds with mulch to reduce evaporation by up to 85%.



Prune your roses when the sap flow is at its lowest ebb. Mulch your rose beds and spray your rose bushes with lime sulphur after pruning. Fertilize in August with our Organic Slow Release Fertilizer.


Spring / Summer / Autumn

We suggest you feed in August with our Organic Slow Release Fertilizer, by spreading a handful 300mm from the base of each plant. Repeat again in November and March. Black Spot, Rust and Powdery Mildew can be controlled with Triforine. Spray in 14 day intervals during Spring, and in 36 day intervals to the end of Autumn. We use Triforine in a mixing ratio of 15ml per one litre of water. A wetting agent such as Kemwet should be added to allow a better application to your roses; mixing ratio of 5ml to one litre of your Triforine mixture. Aphids and thrip may appear when your roses are flushing as they like the fresh buds to feed on. We use “Insect Destroyer” to control insects such as, Aphids, Thrip, Caterpillars, Ants, White Fly and Leaf Hoppers. Mixing ratio of  20ml per one litre of water.