"Let us assist you to create your Rose Garden"

Bush Roses

Are either Hybrid-Tea or Floribunda variety.

Hybrid-Tea Roses generally produce a single rose per stem and are thus more perfumed, and are great for cut flowers.
Floribunda Roses have clusters of smaller roses per stem with less perfume per rose and provide show in your garden.


Old World Roses

Are roses that date back hundreds of years and are the foundation of all the current day varieties. They are varieties that repeat flower during the season. These roses are mostly perfumed with a rounded bud shape.


Landscaping Roses

Are varieties that need little maintenance. We have chosen varieties that can be integrated amongst all other types of roses to add the colour and give dull areas more impact.These varieties are all extremely disease resistant and are quick repeat flowering.


Miniature Roses

Can also be classed as roses (like the landscaping varieties) that add that extra impact into areas that need a bit of spicing up. They look great planted in between standard roses.

David Austin Roses

Were created by David Austin in England. He has managed to successfully breed the repeat flowering characteristics of modern roses into the old fashioned shaped, perfumed roses of yesteryear.


Thornless Roses

Were first discovered by Harvey Davidson in 1961 while breeding for disease resistant roses. All Smooth Touch varieties are considered 95-100% thorn free and are therefore much safer in gardens for children and people with very delicate skin.


Carpet Roses

An excellent alternative to traditional ground cover. Carpet Roses or Landscaping Roses are probably the toughest of all roses and will thrive in hard to grow areas. Generally they stay quite low and flower profusely for up to 8 months of the year.