"Let us assist you to create your Rose Garden"

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We specialise in Potted Roses because we believe this will provide you with a Healthier Rose and one that we can Guarantee. Growing in pots and not bare rooting the Rose allows the Rose to develop a complete & well establiehed root system due to the fact that is never disturbed in it growth stage.

Roses that we grow in pots can be planted at any time of the year, even during the hottest months with excellent results.


A Potted Rose vs A Bare Rooted Rose:

A Potted Rose allow you to:

  • Purchase a Rose that comes with a Guarantee.
  • Plant your Rose all year round.
  • Check the health and vigour of your Rose.
  • See the true colour of your Rose.
  • Make sure your Rose is alive when you purchase them.
  • Purchase a Rose with a complete & established root system allowing for better growth.